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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Vitamins Articles


Daily vitamin drink could slow Alzheimer's

11th March 2016

Research suggests a daily vitamin drink could slow progression of Alzheimer's disease.

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Vitamins could help treat ADHD

30th January 2014

Research suggests vitamins and minerals could be effective in treating ADHD.

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Free vitamins for children

24th October 2013

Call for scheme to offer vitamins to young children.

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Vitamins do not boost heart health

6th November 2012

However, research suggests that taking a daily supplement of multivitamins for years may help lower the risk of cancer in older men.

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Tips on what vitamins to buy

14th September 2012

Daily dose of vitamins should come from food.

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Warnings of side-effects from heartburn pills

24th July 2012

Research suggests long term use of PPIs can increase the risk of infections, cancer, heart disease and a deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals.

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Vitamin E could be bad for bones

5th March 2012

Japanese scientists claim vitamin E supplements could be interfering with the process that keeps bones healthy.

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Are you running low on vital nutrients?

6th September 2011

Experts suggest many of us lack essential vitamins and minerals.

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Eggs help reduce heart disease risk

8th July 2011

Eggs are full of protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals.

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Denmark bans Marmite

25th May 2011

Denmark says added vitamins and minerals break their food safety laws.

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