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Friday 23rd August 2019

Smear Test Articles


Women avoid smear tests because of embarrassment

22nd January 2018

Charity says young women avoid smear tests because they are embarrassed.

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Only three smear tests needed if HPV vaccinated

10th November 2017

New study suggests women vaccinated against HPV may only need three smear tests in their lifetime.

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GPs should give on the spot smear tests

10th June 2014

Think tank calls on GPs to offer women an 'on the spot' smear test to improve their health.

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Call to lower age of cervical smears

1st May 2014

Sister of teenager who died from cervical cancer at 19 campaigns for age of test to be lowered.

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Thousands more women overdue for cervical smear

25th April 2014

Figures show some 360,000 more women are overdue for a cervical smear compared to three years ago.

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Over 50s urged not to skip smear tests

15th January 2014

Cancer Research UK warn women over 50 should not skip their smear tests.

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One in four women miss smear test

7th June 2012

Figures show 40,000 women in Cardiff failed to go for cervical screening in 2010/11.

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Don't miss a smear test

30th April 2012

Many women fail to have cervical screening.

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Researchers find 92% cure rate after smear test diagnosis

2nd March 2012

A Swedish study suggests women diagnosed with cervical cancer after smear test have better chance of being cured.

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Cervical screening embarrassment

21st November 2011

Does cervical screening procedure need to be "painful, uncomfortable and personally threatening"?

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