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Sunday 20th May 2018

Ritalin Articles


Call for caution over Ritalin

25th November 2015

Experts urge caution over giving Ritalin to hyperactive children.

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No evidence of Ritalin turning children into robots

15th October 2012

Research says Ritalin does not 'turn children into robots'.

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ADHD improved by healthy eating

10th January 2012

Study suggests healthier eating can improve ADHD in children if therapy and medication fail.

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Certain foods trigger ADHD in children

7th February 2011

Doctors claim special diets for children with ADHD should be tried before drugs.

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Ritalin as a brain booster backed

19th June 2009

A UK ethicist says healthy people should be allowed to take Ritalin to boost brain power.

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ADHD lessons needed for parents

24th September 2008

New guidelines say parents need lessons in how to cope with ADHD.

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Ritalin wide variation in use

17th July 2008

Figures show prescribing rates for Ritalin vary widely across England.

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Drug tests for exam students

22nd May 2008

Experts say students could be subject to drug testing before sitting their exams.

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