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Sunday 15th September 2019

Psychology Articles


Psychology should be offered at medical schools

5th May 2017

Medical schools are urged to promote psychology.

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Mental illness mostly caused by life events

29th March 2016

Psychologists argue most mental illnesses are largely triggered by life events.

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Being bored at work could boost creativity

9th January 2013

Psychologists claim a wandering mind in the workplace could be beneficial.

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Asperger's syndrome edited away

4th December 2012

The latest version of the US handbook for mental disorders adds a number of new diagnoses.

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Obesity makes it harder to lose weight

9th October 2012

Researchers say high levels of saturated fats and sugar make the brain less able to suppress the desire to eat.

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Truth-telling linked to better health

6th August 2012

A French study finds a link between truth-telling and a reduction in mental and physical health problems.

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Social networks relax the heart rate

9th February 2012

Psychological study finds social networking sites like Facebook may actually be good for you.

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Phoneline for psychological help

2nd December 2011

Phone line for anxious and depressed people in a deprived area of Glasgow.

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People with miracle memories

28th November 2011

Psychologist looking for people in the UK with rare memory condition.

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Belief and suggestion ease symptoms

26th August 2011

A US-led study shows that placebo pills work on some patients even when they are openly described as such.

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