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Friday 22nd June 2018

Operation Articles


Warning issued as hospital equipment fails

10th May 2010

A nationwide alert has been issued to all NHS hospitals following malfunctioning theatre equipment.

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Cosmetic op risk warning

16th November 2009

BAAPS president says the cosmetic surgery industry is an 'unregulated mess'.

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Testing Treatments: Better Research for Better Healthcare

12th October 2009

How do we know whether a particular drug, therapy or operation really works, and how well?

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Stroke op 'lacking'

5th June 2009

Concerns have been voiced that people in danger of major stroke are not being operated on soon enough.

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Schoolboy receives pioneering eye op

15th May 2009

An 11-year-old is recovering well after receiving groundbreaking eye surgery.

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Money wasted on unnecessary surgery

15th May 2009

Analysis shows at least £144m is spent every year on needless ops.

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NHS hip op delays for older patients

5th January 2009

A survey has found many older patients in the UK who need hip ops are not seen within 48 hours.

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Liverpool theatre delays cut

28th October 2008

Vocera cuts Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS trust waiting times.

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Improvements for heart patients at Oxford Radcliffe

24th October 2008

The Healthcare Commission said Oxford Radcliffe has made major improvements for heart patients.

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More ops cancelled

2nd June 2008

Figures show more ops were cancelled in the first three months of the year compared to 2007.

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