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Saturday 23rd September 2017

Television Articles


Fight obesity by limiting TV

23rd September 2014

In a bid to tackle obesity NICE say adults and children should consider TV-free days.

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Premature death linked to too much TV

2nd July 2014

A Spanish study found adults who watch too much TV double their risk of early death.

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TV watching linked to heart risk in young adults

16th October 2013

New study shows the longer 30-somethings spent in front of a TV the stiffer their arteries.

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'Nice' TV reduces child aggression

19th February 2013

A US study finds that children fed a media diet of shows that portray empathy and non-violent dispute resolution show less aggression.

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Back pain linked to too much time spent watching TV

25th July 2012

Research shows that spending too much time slumped in front of the TV could be the cause of a third of 16 to 24-year-olds suffering from back pain.

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Depression linked to late night screen use

24th July 2012

A US study has found a link between sitting in front of a computer or TV screen late at night or leaving it on when you fall asleep and depression.

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TV habits can predict children's waist size

17th July 2012

Amount of TV watched by children between two and four years old could predict waistlines by age 10.

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A TV ban may make children less active

21st June 2012

Researchers suggests banning TV could make children less active.

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Unhealthy food marketed to children online

19th December 2011

It has been claimed that food firms are using websites to get around bans on TV adverts.

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Television shortens your life

16th August 2011

Every hour of TV shortens your life by 22 minutes say researchers.

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