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Thursday 24th May 2018

Postnatal Articles


Postnatal PTSD undiagnosed in Wales

6th December 2017

Experts say hundreds of mothers are undiagnosed with postnatal post-traumatic stress disorder in Wales every year.

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New mums leave hospital too early

29th August 2014

A survey has found women are being discharged from hospital too soon after giving birth.

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Post-natal depression cut by breastfeeding

20th August 2014

Study finds breastfeeding can halve the risk of post-natal depression.

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Better mental healthcare needed for new mothers

7th July 2014

Charity says NHS England is not doing enough to look after the mental health of new mothers.

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Postnatal depression can hit later than thought

21st May 2014

Study suggests mothers more likely to suffer depression when child is four years old.

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Why mothers give up breastfeeding

5th June 2012

A study shows that around 85% of US women do not end up breastfeeding for as long as they intend to before giving birth.

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More help for women with postnatal depression

17th May 2012

The government has pledged more help for women who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a baby.

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Blood test for postnatal depression

11th May 2012

Researchers say they could spot the women most at risk of postnatal depression with a simple blood test.

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Post-natal depression affects 5% of dads

13th April 2012

Research suggests fathers suffering post-natal depression could be passing problems onto their children.

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Investigation at NHS hospital

29th September 2011

NHS hospital investigated after postnatal deaths of two women.

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