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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

South Africa Articles


Cancer found in ancestor's foot

29th July 2016

Scientists say an aggressive tumour has been found in a fossil discovered in South Africa.

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mHealth Alliance to move to South Africa

9th December 2013

mHealth Alliance plans to move from United Nations Foundation in Washington to South Africa in 2014.

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Deadly strain of TB found in South Africa

13th February 2013

Doctors warn world could face outbreak of 'virtually untreatable' TB.

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Running backwards is the way forward

24th May 2011

Running backwards burns more calories and improves coordination.

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South Africa probes health tenders

4th August 2010

Health authorities launch corruption probes in two areas of the country.

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South Africa probes infant deaths

1st June 2010

Health officials are looking into an increase in infant mortality at state-run hospitals.

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African herbal HIV treatment hope

29th September 2009

A traditional African herbal AIDS prescription has been shown to contain antiretroviral properties.

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'Cholera risk' in South Africa

1st December 2008

Gross underinvestment in water management has left South Africa at risk of cholera.

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AIDS a 'global disaster'

30th June 2008

The Red Cross and Red Crescent say the AIDS epidemic should be classed as a global disaster.

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S Africa bans AIDS vitamins trials

23rd June 2008

Unauthorised trials of vitamin therapies for AIDS have been banned by a South African court.

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