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Wednesday 20th September 2017

Minimum Pricing Articles


Minimum alcohol pricing delayed

7th September 2015

Price restrictions on alcohol in Scotland has been delayed.

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Minimum unit price on alcohol to be adopted in Wales

8th December 2014

Two reports show Wales are set to back minimum pricing for units of alcohol.

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Minimum alcohol prices backed by study

1st October 2014

Research suggests minimum pricing on alcohol would be more effective than targeting harmful drinking.

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Pubs want minimum price on alcohol

12th April 2013

Breweries want David Cameron to stick with plans to introduce minimum alcohol price.

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Legal challenge to minimum alcohol pricing scheduled

15th January 2013

Alcohol pricing challenge to begin at the Court of Session in Scotland.

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Minimum price for alcohol plans to be announced

28th November 2012

In a bid to tackle problem drinking plans are to be unveiled on minimum pricing for alcohol.

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Minimum alcohol price to be passed in Scotland

24th May 2012

The Scottish government believes a minimum price on alcohol will help tackle problem drinking.

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Government proposes 40p minimum price per unit of alcohol

26th March 2012

How will a 40p minimum price per unit of alcohol affect 5,000 drink deals in UK supermarkets.

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How to stop binge drinking

22nd February 2012

Pressure grows to address the UK's binge drinking.

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Minimum pricing for alcohol urged

15th December 2011

A group of leading doctors call for a minimum price on alcohol saying it could save lives.

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