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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Psychiatrist Articles


It's not what you say

24th November 2014

An observational study by Lavelle et al examined non-verbal behaviours of psychiatrists and their patients.

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Mental health services understaffed

21st June 2011

Professor Dinesh Bhugra warns mental health services are understaffed and overcrowded.

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Better treatment for young with gender identity disorder

3rd August 2010

There are fears that young people are buying hormones online to try and alter their sex.

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Cards and gifts can help mentally-ill

9th October 2009

Experts say presents from family can help people suffering from mental health problems.

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Mental health rules get tough

3rd November 2008

Controversial reform of mental health laws allowing compulsory treatment in the community launched.

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Credit crunch threat to mental health

10th October 2008

Survey suggests fallout from the economic downturn could be a significant threat to mental health.

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Mental risk of social networking teens

4th July 2008

A leading psychiatrist says sites such as Facebook and Myspace may be harmful.

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