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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Fizzy Drinks Articles


Rotting teeth costing millions a year

15th April 2016

Excessive consumption of fizzy drinks one of the main reasons children have teeth removed costing hospitals £35m a year.

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Children should be encouraged to drink water

11th April 2016

The Local Government Association says children should be encouraged to ditch the fizzy pop and drink more water.

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Sugar tax on fizzy drinks

20th October 2015

Jamie Oliver urges ministers to be 'big and bold' by introducing sugar tax.

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One fizzy drink daily can increase heart attack risk

29th September 2015

US research suggests just one fizzy drink a day can increase risk of heart attack by one third.

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Children still targeted by sugary drink marketers

19th November 2014

Even though fewer ads are now being seen children and teens are still the prime target for marketers through product placement and social media.

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High risk of heart attack from diet drinks

11th February 2011

Research suggests sugar-free fizzy drinks may actually increase risk of heart attack or stroke.

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