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Tuesday 17th January 2017

Young People Articles


Rise in number of young people seeking help for anxiety

31st October 2016

The NSPCC says the number of young people seeking help for anxiety in the UK has risen sharply.

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Young people's mental health care inadequate

6th October 2016

Specialist nurses say young people's mental health care isn't good enough and things are getting worse.

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Young people eating fast food twice a day

30th September 2016

One in six young people eat fast food twice a day according to the BBC Good Food Nation Survey.

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Mental health deaths are under-reported

11th April 2016

Charity says mental health deaths are under-reported and are demanding the government investigates.

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Mental health passport launched

20th October 2015

Mental health passport had been launched for children and young people.

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Mental health champion announced for schools

7th September 2015

The role of a mental health champion is to help raise awareness and reduce stigma around young people's mental health.

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Mental ill health growing problem in young

30th June 2015

A new report suggests mental ill health a growing problem among young people in Northern Ireland.

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Manchester United to work on heart project

30th January 2015

Manchester United to work on project with University of Bristol to see how young people's hearts work while exercising.

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Improving mental health services for young people

19th December 2014

Review into mental health services for young people and what they think.

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Online interventions for young people with depression

19th November 2014

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, but fewer than half receive treatment.

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