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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Pandemic Articles


Ebola outbreak could already be out of control

31st July 2014

Ebola has already crossed the borders.

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Possible bird flu pandemic

12th June 2014

Researchers say the current bird flu virus could become similar to 1918 pandemic that killed 50m people worldwide.

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Flu pandemic warning

19th March 2013

Drug-resistant pandemic flu circulating population, say Australian experts.

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One in five infected with swine flu

28th January 2013

Data from 19 countries show at least 20% of people were infected with swine flu in 2009.

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Bird flu could mutate to cause pandemic

26th June 2012

Scientists warn the H5N1 virus could change form and spread rapidly between humans.

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Cholera pandemic has single source

26th August 2011

A study shows cholera pandemic is from a single global source: the Bay of Bengal.

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DH reveal pandemic flu ad

7th June 2011

Pandemic flu advert, never shown, obtained by BBC through a freedom of information request.

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Swine flu pandemic is over

11th August 2010

The swine flu pandemic has been officially declared over by the World Health Organisation.

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Money spent on swine flu cannot be justified

26th April 2010

Dr Brian Dunn has said he would not like to account for the £44m the DH has spent on swine flu.

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WHO defends pandemic warning

2nd February 2010

The WHO replies to a prominent European critic, saying it did not 'fake' the pandemic.

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