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Monday 21st May 2018

Canada Articles


H5N1 claims life in Canada

9th January 2014

First North America H5N1 bird flu death has been confirmed by Canadian health officials.

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Leading public health director leaving NHS for Canada

24th April 2012

The HSJ has revealed that one of the country's leading public health directors is leaving the NHS for Canada next month.

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100-year-old Briton completes marathon

18th October 2011

Briton has become the world's oldest marathon runner after finishing race in Canada.

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'Bat sight' found in brain

27th May 2011

Researchers in Canada have found a part of the human brain used by people who can 'see like a bat'.

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Canada won't test for radiation in milk

5th April 2011

Milk producers say the government should back up claims that milk is harmless.

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Call for asbestos mining ban

18th May 2010

Lawmakers in Canada want Ottawa to stop exported asbestos, because it is used in the poorest countries.

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Zen meditation may block pain

2nd March 2010

Research shows that the practice thickens the brain, blocking sensitivity to pain.

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Heroin to treat heroin addicts

25th August 2009

Heroin itself is better than methadone to help addicts quit, a new study says.

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Obesity linked to nervous system

28th January 2008

New findings may shed light on how the nervous system controls obesity.

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Low marks for Canada

5th November 2006

The country fell behind in an international study of effective primary care.

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