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Friday 23rd August 2019

Obama Articles


NIH director returns to National Cancer Institute

18th May 2010

President Barack Obama has nominated former NIH director to return to US cancer institute.

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Key US healthcare bill passed

22nd March 2010

The US House of Representatives has voted to pass President Obama's healthcare reform bill.

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Healthcare debate has changed US politics

18th March 2010

Mark Mardell comments on how the healthcare bill has changed US politics.

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Obama still hopeful over reforms

2nd March 2010

The US president says both parties might still move closer.

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USA focus December 2009

6th January 2010

A round up of USA health news over month of December 2009.

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Senate passes healthcare bill

24th December 2009

US President Barack Obama hails the vote as a step towards key social reform.

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Obama health bill approved

9th November 2009

The House of Representatives have passed Obama health bill.

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NHS attack 'unpatriotic'

14th August 2009

Health secretary Andy Burnham has described an attack on the NHS by an MEP as unpatriotic.

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Battle over US healthcare funding

3rd April 2009

Democrats are struggling to pass a funding bill through the Senate which would include money for President Barack Obama's health reforms.

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US healthcare reform summit

9th March 2009

Lawmakers call for a full dialogue at presidential consultation.

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