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Monday 21st May 2018

Credit Crunch Articles


Managing the NHS

29th January 2009

Reflections on the NHS agenda for 2009 by Stephen Eames.

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How the credit crunch will hit the NHS

27th January 2009

The debacle in the financial sector is producing an economic recession.

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New hospitals credit warning

26th January 2009

The NHS hospital building programme in England could be badly disrupted by the recession.

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Steering the NHS through financial crisis

26th November 2008

The credit crunch and the consequent financial turmoil it has unleashed is a global phenomenon.

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Lean times for the NHS

10th November 2008

David Peat asks is the NHS facing lean times after years of fat expenditure?

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New medicines could be hit by credit crunch

27th October 2008

Experts warn the credit crunch is likely to hit the discovery and production of many new medicines.

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The price of keeping patients out of hospital

23rd October 2008

Papers reported that GPs are being paid £59 per patient for every referral they don't make.

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Credit crunch threat to mental health

10th October 2008

Survey suggests fallout from the economic downturn could be a significant threat to mental health.

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Mental health credit crunch warning

15th August 2008

A health charity has warned of the dangers the credit crunch poses to mental health.

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