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Thursday 24th May 2018

Malignant Melanoma Articles


Melanoma fifth most common cancer

24th June 2014

Statistics show malignant melanoma is now fifth most common cancer in England.

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Sunscreen alone may not be adequate protection

12th June 2014

Research suggests we should not rely on suncream to protect against malignant melanoma.

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'Exciting' development in trials against skin cancer

3rd June 2014

Two international trials against advanced melanoma are designed to make the immune system target the tumour.

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Number of over-50s diagnosed with skin cancer has trebled in 30 years

24th July 2012

According to Cancer Research UK, an average 25 cases of malignant melanoma are diagnosed in the over-50s every day.

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New advanced skin cancer treatment

6th June 2011

A 'dramatic breakthrough' by scientists into first new skin cancer treatments since 1970s.

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UK new 3/12/10

3rd December 2010

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Sharp rise in over-65s dying from skin cancer

30th November 2010

One in five of the over-65s is diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

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Skin cancer risk from cheap holidays

1st April 2010

Skin cancer boom blamed on cheap holidays in the 1970s.

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Child sunbed ban urged

13th November 2009

A charity warns 250,000 11-17 year-olds risk skin cancer by using sunbeds in England.

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Skin cancer rising in 15-34s

17th June 2009

Cancer Research UK figures show a rise in cases of skin cancer among 15 to 34-year-olds.

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