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Thursday 24th May 2018

Referral Articles


West Midlands trusts stop referrals

21st April 2017

Hospitals trusts no longer accepting outpatient referrals for neurology due to recruitment difficulties and rising demand.

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RTT data reports suspended at Barts

11th December 2014

'Significant' IT problems means Barts suspends reporting of its referral to treatment waiting time data.

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Paperless NHS by 2015

19th December 2012

A paperless NHS will mean no more referral letters or lost records, says Tim Kelsey.

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GPs to cut referrals

2nd May 2012

Family doctors ordered to slash number of patients sent to hospital.

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Wide variation in cancer care

24th February 2012

Researchers say there are longer referral times for young women and ethnic minorities.

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Referral to treatment waiting times data

31st May 2011

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Investigation launched after referrals put on hold

3rd May 2011

Investigation launched after nearly 2,000 referrals are delayed due to 'resourcing issues'.

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GP referral times vary

24th March 2011

King's Fund reveals wide variations in GP referral times across England.

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Age affects referral chances

1st December 2010

A study has concluded age, sex and wealth will affect the likelihood of GP referring you for specialist treatment.

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Cancer patients turn to A&E

18th November 2010

Cancer patients referring themselves to A&E has doubled in a decade.

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