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Monday 16th September 2019

Baldness Articles


Blueberries could slow down baldness

21st August 2017

Eating antioxidant-rich blueberries could slow down baldness in men.

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Cure for baldness a step closer

22nd October 2013

Scientists say they have moved a step closer to baldness treatment.

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Heart risk link to male baldness

4th April 2013

Researchers say male baldness can indicate risk of heart problems.

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Does mouse hold cure to baldness?

18th April 2012

Scientists claim mouse could hold remedy for baldness and grey hair.

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Biological clue to male baldness found

22nd March 2012

US scientists have pinpointed a protein that triggers hair loss.

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UK new 18/2/11

17th February 2011

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Losing hair at 20 may put men at risk of prostate cancer

16th February 2011

Research suggests going bald at 20 increases risk of prostate cancer in later life.

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Clue to male baldness found

10th January 2011

A US team has discovered male baldness is linked to stem cells that make new hair.

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