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Sunday 20th May 2018

Bma Articles


New GP contract in Scotland

14th November 2017

New GP contract negotiated with BMA in Scotland will cut workload.

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NHS running on fumes

26th June 2017

Leader of BMA warns the NHS in England is 'running on fumes' and accused ministers of putting patients at risk.

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Patient safety being compromised

14th September 2016

Patient safety being compromised by multiple failures in back office support services.

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Junior doctors strike called off

6th September 2016

Concerns about patient safety sees next week's junior doctors strike called off by the BMA.

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Patients put at risk by GP consultations

29th August 2016

Length of GP consultations putting patients at risk say the British Medical Association.

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Family doctor shortage

20th June 2016

The BMA describe the lack of GPs in Scotland as 'extremely concerning'.

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Indefinite strike action for junior doctors

22nd April 2016

BMA junior doctors' committee are discussing an indefinite strike plan from 8 June.

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Strike called off

20th January 2016

A 48-hour junior doctors' strike has been called off by the BMA.

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Strike action dates announced

16th November 2015

The BMA have announced industrial action dates for junior doctors in England.

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Junior doctors should strike

28th September 2015

Over 70,000 have signed petition calling on the BMA to support a strike for junior doctors over new contract.

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