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Monday 21st May 2018

Melamine Articles


Gut flora 'had role' in China's milk scandal

19th February 2013

Researchers say that certain types of gut bacteria may have made the reaction to melamine-tainted infant formula milk far worse.

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Kenya rejects food controls

20th July 2010

The government says it won't implement United Nations standards on melamine, which has tainted Chinese milk products.

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Milk powder tainted with melamine seized in China

9th July 2010

76 tonnes of milk powder tainted with the chemical responsible for the deaths of six babies two years ago.

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China's health ministry probes report on faulty vaccines

19th March 2010

China's health ministry is probing a domestic newspaper report that faulty vaccines in northern Shanxi province were responsible for killing four children and making dozens of others sick.

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Tainted milk reappears in China

2nd February 2010

China to investigate as tainted milk reappears on shop shelves.

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Milk scandal resurfaces in China

26th January 2010

Some distributors have been caught selling tainted infant formula in south-western Guizhou province.

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Melamine found in Chinese egg products

22nd October 2008

South Korea has ordered 23 tonnes of Chinese egg products to be destroyed after melamine found.

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Hong Kong to test meat and veg for melamine

21st October 2008

Hong Kong will soon begin testing meat, vegetables and processed food for melamine.

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Melamine found in NZ product

6th October 2008

South Korean authorities have found trace amounts of melamine in milk products imported from NZ.

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China detain 22 in milk scandal

29th September 2008

Chinese authorities detain 22 milk supply workers and confiscate melamine in raids.

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