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Saturday 21st September 2019

Asia - Pacific Articles


Mosquito breeding sites to be targeted

29th August 2013

Malaria researchers say targeting mosquito breeding sites may reduce cases of malaria in Africa.

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Sitting boosts risk of chronic disease

26th February 2013

Researchers say sitting for several hours every day can increase a person's risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Gut flora 'had role' in China's milk scandal

19th February 2013

Researchers say that certain types of gut bacteria may have made the reaction to melamine-tainted infant formula milk far worse.

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Australia rolls out plain cigarette packets

4th December 2012

Australia becomes the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.

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HIV treatment reduces transmission rates

4th December 2012

The level of protection is lower in real life than in a clinical trial, Chinese researchers find.

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China vows to ban organ harvesting

5th November 2012

Beijing says it will roll out a nationwide donor scheme early next year and phase out the use of organs from executed prisoners.

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Two-thirds of Australians weigh too much

30th October 2012

A study has found two-thirds of Australians are obese or overweight, with rates continuing to rise.

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China's doctors should give up smoking

16th October 2012

Physicians should lead the way in lifestyle changes to help stem an epidemic of cardiovascular disease, a top researcher says.

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Beijing to step up air pollution monitoring

9th October 2012

Official readings will now include smaller particulates that can penetrate deep into the lungs.

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Japan sees spike in heart failures

2nd October 2012

Heart failures spike after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated parts of eastern Japan in 2011.

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