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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Gp Articles


Patient's seek web help before visting doctor

17th October 2016

A new survey suggests around half of patients search online before visiting their GP.

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Carers having to take love ones to A&E

3rd October 2016

A report has found one in five unpaid carers have to take loved ones to A&E because a district nurse or GP was not available.

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GP workloads up 16%

6th April 2016

Analysis published in The Lancet shows workloads in general practice have increased 16% over the past seven years.

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Brits say they would pay to see GP

27th October 2015

A YouGov survey suggests almost one-in-four patients would pay to visit their GP.

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GP share of spending continues to fall

4th September 2015

Figures show GP share of NHS spending has fallen for the third successive year.

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One in five GP trainee places unfilled

17th August 2015

Latest figures show one in five GP trainee places in England remain unfilled, adding up to more than 600 vacancies.

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Hundreds could be stranded with no GP in London

6th July 2015

Thousands of patients in London could be forced to travel miles to their nearest GP.

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GP web services expected to reach 2 million

27th May 2015

Web GP is expected to reach two million patients.

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GP vacancy rates in Scotland very high

16th March 2015

A new BMA survey finds GP vacancy rates worryingly high in Scotland.

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When should you seek medical advice?

14th November 2014

Guidance on when you should seek advice from your GP.

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