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Monday 28th May 2018

Hand Washing Articles


Washing hands in cold water just as effective as using hot

2nd June 2017

Research has found washing hands with cold or hot water is just as effective.

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Hand washing lessons needed for pupils

8th September 2015

Health officials say schoolchildren should be taught how to wash their hands.

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Hospital staff say hand washing reminders unwelcome

7th September 2012

A new survey suggests one-third of doctors and nurses do not appreciate being reminded by patients to wash their hands before treatment.

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Gardeners warned to wash off compost

28th May 2012

A series of Legionella cases in Scotland prompts warning to gardners to wash their hands after using compost.

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WHO highlights importance of good hand hygiene

9th May 2012

More than 15,000 healthcare facilities from 156 countries participated in the WHO Saves Lives: Clean Your Hands initiative on Hand Hygiene Day.

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Handwashing has helped cut superbug infections

4th May 2012

A report suggests hand hygiene has cut the number of superbug infections in hospitals in England and Wales.

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Remember hand hygiene at petting zoos

5th April 2012

The HPA has issued a hand washing reminder as petting zoo season approaches.

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E coli on 16% of mobile phones

14th October 2011

Although not likely to cause ill health, it shows that many people do not wash their hands thoroughly.

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Nurses get dermatitis from hand washing

17th August 2011

RCN warns that dermatitis has become increasingly common in nurses.

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Concerns raised at Aberdeen children's hospital

2nd November 2010

Health inspectors raise concerns about cleanliness at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

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