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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Bone Articles


Broken bones could be repaired by silk screws

5th March 2014

Scientists claim plates and screws can be made from silk to mend broken bones, which would eventually dissolve in the body.

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Boost bone health

18th April 2013

Foods that can boost your bone health.

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Medtronic edited spine surgery product reviews

25th October 2012

Senate report suggests Medtronic Inc edited health journal articles and paid physicians for company-sponsored studies of its Infuse bone graft product.

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Bone cancer diagnosis warning

9th October 2012

A charity warns bone cancer is often misdiagnosed as growing pains.

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Thinning bones prevented by regular glass of wine

3rd August 2012

Bone strength can be maintained by having one or two glasses of wine a day, researchers have concluded.

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Bone putty to heal fractures

9th February 2012

Scientists claim revolutionary putty could heal bone fractures in days rather than months.

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Gene clues found for bone marrow cancer

30th November 2011

The Daily Mail reported a gene defect increases the risk of bone marrow cancer by 30%.

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Bone cancer drug denied for children

11th October 2010

NICE deny children lifesaving cancer drug because it is too expensive.

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Mother cut in half to beat bone cancer

23rd September 2010

A mother has become the first person to survive being cut in half after being diagnosed with 'untreatable' bone cancer.

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Skeleton could be underlying cause of diabetes

23rd July 2010

US researchers say bone renewal could be linked to diabetes.

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