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Friday 20th April 2018

Weight Articles


Losing weight effective for high blood pressure

15th September 2017

Researchers have found staying at a healthy weight slashes risk of high blood pressure.

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Fruit and veg helps keep off weight

24th September 2015

Study from the US suggests people who eat more fruits and non-starch vegetables are like likely to gain weight.

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Mushrooms 'slow weight gain'

24th June 2015

Researchers in Taiwan say mushrooms used in Chinese medicine reduces weight gain in animals.

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Red wine could help you lose weight

22nd June 2015

New research finds an ingredient in red wine can help combat obesity.

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Find out your child's BMI score

30th January 2015

Use BMI calculator to gauge if your child is a healthy weight.

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Keep cold, stay slim

9th January 2015

Scientists say exposing yourself to cold temperatures on a regular basis could help keep you slim.

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Obese Britons don't believe they have a problem

14th November 2014

Research finds some Britons would not describe themselves as obese.

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Weight guidance for children

22nd April 2013

Provisional guidance from NICE says children's weight management should be tailored.

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High risk of kidney disease linked to 'apple shape'

12th April 2013

Study suggests excess weight around abdomen is linked to a higher risk of kidney disease.

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Try a body-weight workout

30th October 2012

A new survey shows body-weight training is expected to be a top trend in 2013.

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