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Tuesday 19th June 2018

Coma Articles


Schumacher being brought out of coma

31st January 2014

Michael Schumacher is slowly being brought out of his coma after skiing accident on 29 December 2013.

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New guidelines for coma patients

17th December 2013

New guidelines on the diagnosis and management of people with prolonged disorders of consciousness should help healthcare staff etc.

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New coma guidelines for GPs

12th December 2013

New guidelines say all patients in a coma or vegetative state should have access to specialist care.

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Coma patient wakes to ask for KFC

29th June 2012

Transplant patient emerged from an eight-day coma and asked for a KFC chicken burger meal.

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Robin Gibb wakes from coma

23rd April 2012

Robin Gibb fell into a coma after contracting pneumonia in his battle against colon and liver cancer.

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Coma techniques being developed

10th March 2011

Scientists are developing brain image techniques to find out more about coma patients.

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Coma man was conscious for 23 years

24th November 2009

It has been revealed that a Belgian man believed to have been in a coma was in fact conscious.

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Vegetative patients still able to learn

21st September 2009

A study suggests patients with severe brain damage can still be capable of anticipatory responses.

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