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Saturday 21st April 2018

European Working Time Directive Articles


Ministers to review limit on doctors hours

2nd August 2010

There is currently a 48-hour limit on doctors' working week.

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Hospitals struggle to fill rotas

23rd February 2010

BMA finds four in ten junior doctors work on 'understaffed rotas'.

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Urgent action needed on junior doctors hours

22nd April 2009

Urgent action needs to be taken to ensure junior doctor training does not suffer when an hours limit is introduced in 100 days.

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Surgeon shortage at hospitals

23rd January 2009

British hospitals are running out of surgeons warn leading experts.

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NHS not ready for hours cut

30th December 2008

UK hospitals have been warned they are not prepared for pending cuts in junior doctors' hours.

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NHS not ready for work laws

20th November 2008

Survey says many NHS surgery teams are not ready for likely fall in working hours next year.

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