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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Birth Defect Articles


Pill does not contribute to birth defects

7th January 2016

A large-scale study shows oral contraceptives do not increase risk of birth defects.

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Folic acid should be added to flour

18th December 2015

Call for flour to be fortified with folic acid is backed by UK experts.

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Birth defects not being detected

2nd August 2012

Congenital abnormality in nearly half of all babies born in 2010.

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Doctors not warning about 'new Thalidomide'

21st May 2012

Anti-epileptic drug caused birth defects.

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Up to a third of birth defects linked to prescribed drugs

30th April 2012

A review suggests up to a third of birth defects could be down to drugs prescribed to mum.

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Pollution linked to birth defects

19th July 2011

A Chinese study has found that maternal exposure to coal smoke and pesticides is linked to neural tube defects.

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Drug-linked defects seen in grandchildren

26th April 2011

The effects of DES have apparently been transmitted across two generations.

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Birth defects rise in Fallujah

9th March 2010

The BBC has been told of the rise in birth defects in Fallujah and US weaponry is being blamed.

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Birth defects link to sedation

7th April 2009

The BBC has found sedatives given to girls in care could be linked to birth defects in their children.

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Hairspray link to birth defect

24th November 2008

Boys born to women exposed to hairspray in the workplace may have a higher risk of genital defect.

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