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Sunday 27th May 2018

Glucose Articles


Rice should be eaten cold

24th March 2015

Researchers say refrigerating rice for half a day before eating can reduce its calories by up to 60%.

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Sweeteners linked to obesity

19th September 2014

A study suggests sweeteners could increase glucose intolerance and diabetes risk.

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Faulty diabetes meters warning

12th April 2013

People with diabetes are urged to check their blood glucose meters.

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Office workers should walk around more

13th March 2012

Scientists say workers should take a turn around the room every 20 minutes to help reduce glucose and insulin levels.

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Falls in blood sugar trigger sweet cravings

20th September 2011

A study has shown that falling glucose levels lead to a loss of self-control in the brain.

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the week: issue 174, 26 Nov - 2 Dec

14th December 2010

The week provides need-to-know news, consultations and events for chief executives and their teams.

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Wireless sensor monitors diabetic's from the inside

29th July 2010

The implantable sensor will measure blood sugar levels and transmit information wirelessly.

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NHS spending too much on diabetes

26th July 2010

Researchers say diabetes drugs accounts for 7% of UK prescribing budget.

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