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Sunday 15th September 2019

Stroke Articles


Wearable tech for stoke patients

26th February 2018

Wearable sensors are being developed by scientists in the US to speed up stroke recovery.

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How to cure high blood pressure naturally

26th September 2017

Experts say you can lower your blood pressure by adding a supplement to your diet made from pine bark.

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Trusts could lose acute beds

23rd June 2017

Stroke services could be centralised that will see two hospitals lose their acute stroke beds.

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Stroke therapy from spider venom

21st March 2017

Research suggests a protein in spider venom may offer stroke therapy.

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Stroke patients missing out on treatment

29th November 2016

UK experts say around 9,000 stroke patients a year are missing out on treatment following a stroke.

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Suspected stroke patients should be scanned within hour

5th October 2016

RCP guidance says suspected stroke patients should be scanned within one hour of hospital admission.

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Statin benefits are underestimated

9th September 2016

A major review, published in the Lancet, suggests benefits of statins are underestimated and harms are exaggerated.

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Minimum recommended daily exercise should be increased

10th August 2016

New study found more exercise can drastically reduce person's risk of breast and bowel cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

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Study claims stroke can be avoided

18th July 2016

Addressing 10 lifestyle risk factors could prevent strokes.

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Card games help stroke recovery

28th June 2016

Researchers say playing card games can help patients recover from stroke.

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