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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Testicular Articles


Testicular cancer linked to marijuana use

11th September 2012

A US study suggests young men who have smoked marijuana are twice as likely to develop an aggressive form of testicular cancer.

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Tall men high risk for testicular cancer

27th October 2010

Experts in the US suggest the risk of testicular cancer goes up the taller you are.

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Genetic factors raise risk of testicular cancer

1st June 2009

Researchers have found inherited genetic factors which raise the risk of testicular cancer.

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Testicular cancer link to marijuana

9th February 2009

Research suggests frequent or long-term marijuana use may raise a man's risk of testicular cancer.

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Cancer survival rates widely vary

10th December 2008

Wide variations still exist between five-year survival rates for different types of cancer.

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