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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Workplace Articles


Time to Change poll finds mental health still taboo in the workplace

18th December 2017

Poll, conducted by Time to Change, of 2,025 UK workers, found they would rather talk to colleagues about money worries than a mental health issue.

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Stress at work could take 33 years off life expectancy

30th October 2015

Research shows how much a stressful workplace could be shaving off life spans.

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Bosses to make work a happier and healthier place

25th June 2015

Guidelines from NICE says managers across England must create happy, healthy working environment.

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Drug testing in workplace on the rise

3rd October 2014

Workplace drug testing has increased in the UK.

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Preventing depression at work

13th June 2014

Mental disorders are the leading cause of sickness absence.

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Call for dementia friendly workplaces

7th May 2014

The government calls for businesses to give more support to employees who have to care for loved ones with dementia.

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NICE to develop new public health guidance

4th October 2013

NICE call for evidence on workplace policy practices to improve health of NHS employees.

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Open plan offices leave workers unsatisfied

18th September 2013

A study has found open plan offices do not boost teamwork or interaction.

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Temperature at work

14th January 2013

Advice on heat stress and cold stress for employers and employees.

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Getting along with co-workers increases lifespan

8th August 2011

According to research a postive relationship with your co-workers has long-term health benefits.

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