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Saturday 21st September 2019

Flu Jab Articles


More pregnant women need to have flu jab

17th November 2015

The RCOG and the RCM are encouraging pregnant women to get the flu vaccine this winter.

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Patients shun flu jab

12th November 2015

Doctors express alarm at drop in number of people having the flu jab.

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Universal flu vaccine could end annual injections

9th November 2015

Annual flu jabs could be a thing of the past with new universal vaccine.

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Statins could hinder flu jab effects

30th October 2015

Research finds statins could reduce the effectiveness of the flu jab.

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Winter flu jab worked in 34% of cases

14th September 2015

Report by Public Health England shows flu jab worked in one in three cases.

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Universal flu vaccine a step closer

26th August 2015

Promising trials in animals means researchers are a closer to developing a flu vaccine.

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Pharmacists to give flu vaccine

22nd July 2015

NHS Employers announce patients could receive flu vaccine at pharmacies from September.

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Some people have natural flu protection

15th June 2015

Research suggests half of people have natural defences against flu.

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Morbidly obese should be given free flu jab

18th March 2015

Government advisers say morbidly obese people in England should be given flu jab on the NHS each year.

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Flu vaccine could protect against bird flu

18th February 2015

New study suggests seasonal flu vaccines could protect against the deadly H7N9 bird flu virus.

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