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Thursday 19th April 2018

Acne Articles


Vitamin could play a part in acne breakouts

25th June 2015

Research suggests vitamin B12 could be linked to acne.

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Natural acne remedies

4th November 2014

Everything you need to create a facial mask to help with acne can be found in your kitchen.

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New treaments for acne

11th June 2014

Dermatologists say new treatments for acne could make adolescence easier to manage.

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Acne drug to be reviewed over suicides

29th April 2014

RoAccutane is to be reviewed after it's blamed for causing depression and suicides.

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Call for acne drug investigation

28th February 2013

Call for investigation into effects of acne drug.

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Coloured light sparks new treatments

8th January 2013

Coloured light therapy could help conditions ranging from birth marks to back pain.

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Acne drug 'overused'

27th November 2012

Top UK dermatologist says Roaccutane, used to treat acne, is given to young people who don't need it.

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Skin virus could help fight acne

25th September 2012

Scientists believe a harmless virus that lives on our skin could fight acne.

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Can foods trigger acne?

20th June 2012

Experts say some foods may cause acne.

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Could thyme be new treatment for acne?

28th March 2012

Scientists say thyme could be a more effective way to treat acne.

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