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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Nicotine Articles


Nicotine patches should be on prescription

24th October 2012

Health watchdog says nicotine patches should be made available on prescription.

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Smokers could soon get a jab to quit

28th June 2012

Researchers in the US say smokers could soon be immunised against nicotine.

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Nicotine may help with dementia

10th January 2012

Researchers suspect nicotine patches may aid memory in early symptoms of dementia.

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Puff on smokeless nicotine cigarettes says government

15th September 2011

A government-backed report says smokers should be encouraged to use smokeless nicotine cigarettes in a bid to cut death rates.

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Nicotine 'may control obesity'

10th June 2011

Scientists identify neurons that are responsible for smokers' lack of appetite.

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Smoking addiction may be inherited

1st February 2011

Researchers identify a gene that makes people feel as if they can't get enough nicotine.

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Passive smoking linked to hearing loss

16th November 2010

Experts believe breathing in second-hand smoke increases the risk of hearing loss.

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NHS helps record number of smokers quit

20th August 2010

New figures show the NHS has helped 370,000 smokers give up.

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Indonesia's smoking children

25th May 2010

Concerns are being raised over young children developing nicotine addiction.

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USA focus December 2009

6th January 2010

A round up of USA health news over month of December 2009.

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