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Monday 22nd July 2019

Change4life Articles


Free sugar app for parents

4th January 2016

Parents are being urged to sign up for a free app to check sugar in products.

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Incomprehensible approach to obesity

25th March 2015

MPs the NHS spend more on bariatric surgery than preventative measures for obesity.

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PHE launch Change4Life campaign to cut sugar intake

7th January 2015

A new national campaign has been launched by Public Health England to help parents reduce children's daily intake of sugar.

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Simple swaps for healthier lifestyle

2nd January 2014

Sign up to the Smart Swaps campaign and receive money-off vouchers.

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Businesses challenged to commit to healthy eating pledges

8th February 2013

Food network chair challenging more businesses to commit to healthy eating pledge in 2013.

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Change4Life alcohol campaign

7th February 2013

A Change4Life campaign launched to raise awareness of the health risks associated with drinking regularly.

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Change4Life campaign exposes 'hidden nasties' in food

8th January 2013

New Change4Life advert will expose 'hidden nasties' in everyday food.

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Change4Life launch drink app

31st October 2012

Change4Life launch new smartphone app to help people see the impact alcohol can have on their health.

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Games4Life to get nation moving

25th June 2012

Games4Life is latest campaign from Change4Life and aims to get the nation active this summer.

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Campaigners warn about drinking

6th February 2012

The government is warning drinking 'just a little too much alcohol' increases risk of serious illness.

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