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Monday 23rd April 2018

Sight Articles


Being indoors can impact upon children's eyesight

3rd August 2012

Playing outside aged eight and nine can almost half the likelihood of being shortsighted.

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Stiff jaw could mean losing your sight

17th July 2012

Stiff jaw could be a warning sign that your sight may go suddenly.

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Short-sightedness linked to hard study

8th May 2012

Epidemic of short-sightedness sweeping across eastern Asia is blamed on 'intense' levels of education.

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Drug could help sight in people with albinism

27th September 2011

US researchers say a drug already licensed could be used to treat sight problems.

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Eye implant for presbyopia

27th September 2011

New treatment for patients with presbyopia and short-sightedness.

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Toddler who fell in dog mess could lose sight

20th August 2010

A toddler who fell in a playground could lose sight in one of her eyes.

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A new method for correcting short sight

13th May 2010

The Independent reported a new method for correcting short sight that could be better than laser surgery.

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UK news 23/4/10

24th April 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Methadone can harm babies' sight

22nd April 2010

Research has found that women who take methadone while pregnant could harm their unborn baby's sight.

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Fight for sight in developing world

16th October 2007

Methods that help blind people in the developing world see again.

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