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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Cardiac Arrest Articles


Heart attack care unequal for women

8th January 2018

A new study has found fewer women would die after a heart attack if given same treatment as men.

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Blood tests for heart attacks

27th September 2017

UK researchers say a blood test could rule our a heart attack in under 20 minutes and should be used routinely.

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How to cure high blood pressure naturally

26th September 2017

Experts say you can lower your blood pressure by adding a supplement to your diet made from pine bark.

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Anti-inflammatory injections lower risk of heart attack

29th August 2017

Scientists hail new era of therapeutics.

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Airlines should carry more medical equipment

5th June 2017

Doctors say airlines should be better prepared for heart emergencies on board.

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New drug could prevent heart attacks

17th March 2017

Doctors say an innovative new drug cuts bad cholesterol.

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Heart attack early warning signs being missed

1st March 2017

Study suggests early heart attack warnings may have been missed in one in six deaths in England.

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Constant stress increases risk of heart attack

12th January 2017

Study suggests brain activity is key link to heart disease.

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Cheap blood test for risk of heart attack

20th December 2016

A cheap blood test can predict whether healthy patients are at high risk of heart attack.

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Statin benefits are underestimated

9th September 2016

A major review, published in the Lancet, suggests benefits of statins are underestimated and harms are exaggerated.

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