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Friday 9th December 2016

Cardiac Arrest Articles


Statin benefits are underestimated

9th September 2016

A major review, published in the Lancet, suggests benefits of statins are underestimated and harms are exaggerated.

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Third of patients given wrong diagnosis after heart attack

30th August 2016

A study suggests almost a third of patients in England and Wales are given the wrong initial diagnosis after a heart attack.

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Sepsis should be treated the same as heart attacks

13th July 2016

England's health watchdog says suspected sepsis in patients should be treated as an emergency.

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Bristol Children's Hospital a 'let down'

30th June 2016

A review has found children receiving cardiac treatment at Bristol Children's Hospital were given poor care.

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Researchers find new way to predict worse heart attack

8th June 2016

Looking for bruising or bleeding in the heart muscle could be a way to tell if heart attack is more severe say UK researchers.

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A banana a day can keep a heart attack at bay

7th April 2016

Research suggests just one banana or apple a day could cut heart attack risk by a third.

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Smokers could be living with silent disease

24th February 2016

Experts warn more than a million people could be living with a potentially life-threatening disease.

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Risk of stroke for women

18th February 2016

Research warns women who fall pregnant aged 40 or over are at greater risk of stroke or heart attack.

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How to recognise heart attack and angina

4th February 2016

Heart attack or angina symptoms can be hard to identify.

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A&E visits cut with new heart attack test

8th October 2015

Doctors say a blood test can more than halve people admitted to A&E.

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