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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Eyes Articles


Outdoor play helps curb short-sightedness

16th September 2015

Chinese researchers say 40 minutes a day outside play is good for children's eyes.

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Closing eyes helps memory recall

16th January 2015

Researchers suggest accuracy in recalling events is increased if we close our eyes.

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Overuse of smartphones could 'damage' eyes

31st March 2014

A survey of under 2,200 under-25s suggests they check their phones 32 times a day.

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Warning over Halloween contact lenses

30th October 2012

Lenses available online for use with Halloween costumes could damage your eyes and even your sight, US experts warn.

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Eye drops are poisonous

26th October 2012

The FDA has warned parents about eye drops and nose sprays.

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New generation of contact lenses being developed

22nd November 2011

Scientists say a bionic lens that can project images in front of eyes is a step closer.

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Time indoors linked to short-sightedness

25th October 2011

Research suggests time outside for children could reduce risk of being short-sighted.

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Sale of cosmetic contact lenses may be illegal

31st January 2011

BBC Wales has discovered shops that sell cosmetic lenses could be breaking the law.

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Toddler who fell in dog mess could lose sight

20th August 2010

A toddler who fell in a playground could lose sight in one of her eyes.

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Sunlight causes damage to your eyes

6th August 2010

Sunlight can increase the risk of cataracts and cause damage to the retina.

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