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Saturday 26th May 2018

Cannabis Articles


Medical cannabis should be legal

13th September 2016

Call for cannabis to be made legal for medical reasons.

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Warning over 'skunk' use

17th February 2015

Research finds a quarter of new cases of psychosis caused by 'skunk-like' cannabis use.

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Father blames cannabis for son's death

10th April 2013

Father says son descended into mental illness after cannabis use and blames the drug for his death.

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MS cannabis treatment doubt

13th December 2012

It has been claimed there is no evidence to support the use of cannabis extract for treatment of MS.

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Legal battle over medical marijuana

9th October 2012

Dispensaries in Los Angeles are being ordered to close, while the industry has fought back with multiple lawsuits.

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Cannabis chemical to be tested in epilepsy

13th September 2012

A British drug company is to test compound found in cannabis as a treatment for epilespy.

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Testicular cancer linked to marijuana use

11th September 2012

A US study suggests young men who have smoked marijuana are twice as likely to develop an aggressive form of testicular cancer.

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High-school cannabis use linked to lower IQ

28th August 2012

A 25-year study in New Zealand may confirm the belief that heavy cannabis use is linked to unrealised potential.

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Cannabis does not halt MS progression

30th May 2012

A medical trial has concluded that cannabis does not slow down multiple sclerosis.

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Cannabis could make you depressed

12th October 2011

Genes can make you more susceptible to depression if you smoke cannabis.

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