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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Work Articles


Leave work at work, says mental health charity

28th August 2015

Mind has urged workers to switch off from work.

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Seven million take painkillers regularly

26th February 2013

Survey finds a quarter of British adults have used painkillers "regularly" for the last five years.

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GPs call for work capability assessment to be scrapped

28th May 2012

GPs vote against work capability assessment.

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Young adults with autism lack jobs

15th May 2012

Researchers say one in three young adults with autism lack job experience and further or higher education.

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Hospital asks staff to work for free

7th October 2011

To save money, Whipps Cross Hospital has asked staff to do unpaid work.

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Grayling launches a revolution in back to work support as the Work Programme rolls out nationwide

13th June 2011

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More than 50,000 NHS jobs will be lost

23rd February 2011

False Economy study shows the NHS are planning to cut 53,000 staff over the next five years.

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Welfare reform - new employment programme for disabled people is launched

26th October 2010

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GPs to help tackle benefit dependency

18th August 2010

Study shows patients visit GPs more frequently before making benefit claims for mental health problems.

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Homes more stressful than work

28th June 2010

A poll of 3,000 people has found 58% say their partner causes them most stress.

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