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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Bed Bugs Articles


Bed bugs have a colour preference

25th April 2016

Scientists say bed bugs appear to have a preference for particular colours.

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How to eliminate bed bugs

4th February 2016

Scientists to scan DNA of bed bugs to try and eliminate the pest.

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Keep bed bugs away

15th December 2011

Sheffield researchers say hairier skin may be the key to keeping bed bugs at bay.

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Bed-bugs have become resistant

12th December 2011

Insecticides used in the tropics is being blamed for the rise in infestations of bed-bugs.

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Bed bugs a major health issue

25th February 2011

A rise in bed bug infestations in Scotland is a 'major health issue' say experts.

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How do you deal with bedbugs?

2nd February 2011

The National Bedbug Summit in Washington gathers to try and find a solution for the bedbug infestation.

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Bed bugs resistant to pesticides

20th January 2011

A genetic analysis has revealed bed bugs are developing a resistance against pesticides.

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UK news 03/09/10

3rd September 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Bedbugs boom

1st September 2010

The number of properties in Britain invaded by bedbugs has shot up in the past year.

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