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Monday 19th August 2019

Eyesight Articles


People losing sight due to delays in NHS follow ups

18th March 2016

Hospitals struggle to keep up with demand caused by ageing population.

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What does alcohol do to your eyesight?

16th September 2015

Excessive alcohol consumption can have a long term, life-changing effect on your eyesight.

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Dyslexia not linked to eyesight

26th May 2015

Researchers say eye tests on more than 5,800 children did not show any differences in vision of those with dyslexia.

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New eye cells 'printed' by scientists

18th December 2013

Eye cells printed by scientists that could be used to treat sight loss.

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Conjunctivitis can ruin eyesight

19th February 2013

Viral conjunctivitis is very different to bacterial conjunctivitis.

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Eye implant hope

8th January 2013

Eye implant can improve sight of people suffering the 'dry' form of Age-related Macular Degeneration.

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NICE approves Lucentis for NHS use

3rd January 2013

Lucentis to be prescribed to diabetic patients on the NHS to treat sight-threatening eye complication.

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Warning over Halloween contact lenses

30th October 2012

Lenses available online for use with Halloween costumes could damage your eyes and even your sight, US experts warn.

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Better eye care for all

8th October 2012

Study suggests governments should invest more in eye examinations.

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Scotland launch vision support service

17th September 2012

The Vision Support Service has been officially launched to help people come to terms with losing their sight.

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