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Friday 25th May 2018

Passive Smoking Articles


Early menopause linked to smoking

17th December 2015

New research shows active and passive smoking is linked to an earlier menopause.

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Passive smoking risk advertising campaign

4th June 2013

A government advertising campaign is to remind people of the dangers of second-hand smoke.

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'Non-smoking' hotel rooms may not protect you

15th May 2013

New study says non-smoking rooms in hotels with partial smoking ban are not protected from exposure to smoke.

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Diesel fumes can cause cancer

13th June 2012

The WHO says diesel fumes can cause cancer putting it in the same league as passive smoking.

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Secondhand smoke linked to bladder irritation in children

22nd May 2012

According to a study secondhand smoke could raise risk of bladder irritation in children.

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Hearing loss linked to passive smoking

19th July 2011

Research reveals secondhand smoke damages young ears.

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Stillbirth passive smoking link confirmed

3rd May 2011

A Canadian study has confirmed recent findings linking passive smoking in pregnancy to a greater risk of still birth.

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Stillbirth risk increased from passive smoking

14th March 2011

Scientists say unborn babies are at risk from second-hand smoke.

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Breast cancer risk from passive smoking

2nd March 2011

Experts say second-hand smoke increases a woman's risk of breast cancer.

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Risk of passive smoking high in flats

13th December 2010

US study says children have 45% more exposure because smoke seeps through walls and ventilation.

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