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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Swine Articles


Swine flu closes wards

19th February 2016

Leicester's Royal Infirmary has had to close three wards after 14 cancer patients diagnosed with swine flu.

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Boy wins swine flu damages

4th February 2016

A young boy from Frome has won £120k in damages after swine flu jab causes narcolepsy.

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Flu pandemic warning

19th March 2013

Drug-resistant pandemic flu circulating population, say Australian experts.

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Narcolepsy higher risk in children who had swine flu jab

28th February 2013

According to study UK children who had swine flu vaccine in 2009/10 14 times more likely to have narcolespy.

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One in five infected with swine flu

28th January 2013

Data from 19 countries show at least 20% of people were infected with swine flu in 2009.

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Toddler died after wrong diagnosis

3rd October 2012

Two-year-old girl died from meningitis after being told she was suffering from swine flu.

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Swine flu in the US update

22nd August 2012

Nearly 250 human cases of swine-origin influenza A(H3N2)v virus in recent USA outbreak.

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Toddler dies after being sent home with ibuprofen

20th July 2012

Two-year-old with flu like symptoms died 22 hours after being sent home with ibuprofen.

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Swine flu jab linked to narcolepsy

29th March 2012

Study found children who had swine flu jab 13 times more likely to suffer narcolepsy.

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Swine flu linked to stillbirth

19th October 2011

A new study suggests swine flu linked to stillbirths in mothers who contracted the virus.

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