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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Health Protection Agency Articles


Action needed on gonorrhoea

27th February 2013

The HPA launching an action plan for 'untreatable' gonorrhoea.

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'18-year high' for measles

11th February 2013

The HPA say measles cases in England and Wales have risen to 2,016 in 2012.

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Warning over poisonous mushrooms

19th September 2012

The HPA has issued a poisonous mushroom warning.

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Yosemite hantavirus warning to tourists

4th September 2012

Tourists who visited Yosemite National Park from mid-June to August are being warned by officials to seek medical attention fast if symptoms appear.

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Norovirus levels are within seasonal norms

20th December 2011

Figures from HPA show in the last three weeks confirmed lab reports for norovirus are slightly below average for same weeks in previous years.

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Drug users face increased risk from wound botulism

16th November 2011

The HPA says people who inject drugs have a increased risk of developing wound botulism and tetanus.

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NICE publish guide on preventing and controlling HCAIs

9th November 2011

HPA and NICE have published improvement guide on preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections.

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Update on Legionnaires' cluster in UK

17th October 2011

HPA confirm three more cases of Legionnaires' in UK travellers returning from Corfu.

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Has gonorrhoea turned drug resistant?

11th October 2011

The HPA says we could be heading to a point where gonorrhoea is incurable.

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HPA warning issued over outbreak of Shigella flexneri dysentery

7th October 2011

Sexual health experts have issued an alert about infection thought to be transmitted between men during sex.

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