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Sunday 21st July 2019

Copd Articles


COPD diagnosis needs to be improved

17th November 2016

New findings show diagnosis of COPD needs improvement.

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Scientists explain 'healthy' smokers lungs

28th September 2015

UK scientists explain how some smokers can have healthy lungs despite a lifetime of smoking.

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Older adults with COPD still smoke

8th January 2015

Research has found close to half of US adults over 40 with asthma or COPD still continue to smoke.

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COPD patients being let down by hospitals

21st November 2014

Doctors warn many COPD patients are still being let down by hospitals in England and Wales.

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COPD helped by 2-mile daily walk

6th March 2014

Research suggests talking a daily walk of at least 2 miles can reduce the need for hospitalisation caused by the breathing disorder.

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COPD could be diagnosed earlier

14th February 2014

GPs are failing to pick up signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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Man died waiting for ambulance

17th January 2014

An inquest has heard Fred Pring would have survived if the ambulance had arrived earlier.

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One in 10 die from lung disease

6th September 2013

Lung conditions cause one in 10 deaths in Europe according to a report from European Respiratory Society.

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Tai chi benefits patients with lung disease

14th August 2012

The slow-moving Chinese martial art produces improvements in muscle strength, balance, endurance and quality of life in COPD patients.

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COPD patients could benefit from acupuncture

16th May 2012

A small clinical trial suggests acupuncture may benefit COPD patients.

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