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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Insulin Articles


Insulin injections could be replaced with patches

14th July 2015

Researchers aim to replace insulin injections with insulin patches.

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Faulty insulin pens recalled

22nd January 2015

MHRA have issued a recall for faulty insulin pens.

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Insulin not best treatment for older patients

2nd July 2014

Researchers claim insulin for older people with type-2 diabetes may not be the best option.

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Could human cloning cure diabetes?

29th April 2014

Scientists have used human cloning techniques to create healthy stem cells from a diabetic.

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Europe-wide insulin recall

29th October 2013

A manufacturing fault has been found in some insulin pen cartridges.

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Diabetic children miss out

21st October 2013

BBC Wales has found has found mandatory guidelines are not being followed meaning diabetic children miss out on insulin pumps.

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Dirty air linked to insulin resistance

10th May 2013

A study in Diabetologia suggests air traffic pollution could increase children's risk of insulin resistance.

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Insulin may mean no injections

11th January 2013

Australian scientists discover how insulin binds to its receptor in cells potentially opening the way for new drugs for diabetes.

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Office workers should walk around more

13th March 2012

Scientists say workers should take a turn around the room every 20 minutes to help reduce glucose and insulin levels.

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Pfizer scraps deal with Biocon

13th March 2012

Biocon has been left without a partner after Pfizer scraps deal to sell insulin products.

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