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Monday 16th September 2019

Pancreas Articles


Pancreas transplant world first

28th January 2016

Doctors say a British woman is first person in world to have a pancreas transplant because of a severe needle phobia.

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Artificial pancreas for pregnant women with diabetes

31st January 2011

Researchers say an artificial pancreas could save the lives of pregnant diabetic women.

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UK news 21/1/11

21st January 2011

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Apple boss takes medical leave

18th January 2011

Steve Jobs has announced he is taking medical leave from the company.

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Robots perform pancreas transplant

4th November 2010

Doctors have carried out the world's first robotically-assisted pancreatic transplant in Italy.

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Artificial pancreas available soon

29th June 2010

Researchers say artificial pancreas could be available in just a few years.

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Symptoms of pancreatitis

30th April 2010

The American Gastroenterological Association gives typical symptoms of pancreatitis.

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Pancreas cells can regenerate

6th April 2010

Pancreatic beta cells have been regenerated in mice under laboratory conditions.

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Papaya helps fight cancer

16th March 2010

Researchers say papaya leaf extract and its tea can help fight a broad range of tumours.

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Pancreatic cancer hope

11th March 2008

New type of surgery for pancreatic cancer performed at London hospital.

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